Established in the late 1970s, VS Group is a symbol of success, running over 27 clubs and restaurants.

Founder Vlassis Stathokostopoulos‘ vision and determination built its recognition.

Today, his son Vassilis Stathokostopoulos sustains its dynamic presence in catering and entertainment.

VS Group was established in the late 1970s and has since become known as a synonym of success in the business sector as evidenced by the more than 27 clubs and restaurants it operates.

The founder, Vlassis Stathokostopoulos, used his vision, insight and tireless perseverance along with his business acumen, to achieve recognition. Today, his son, Vassilis Stathokostopoulos, successfully continues the group’s dynamic trajectory, maintaining a dynamic presence in the catering and entertainment business industry.

Throughout all these years, our aim remains to ensure our guests’ satisfaction by providing high quality gastronomy and entertainment services. This is evidenced by the undivided support of our customers in all our clubs and restaurants.

VS Group is the largest proprietor of clubs and restaurants in Greece, with establishments in more than 27 major locations, including the imposing Acropolis, the idyllic Athenian Riviera and the stunning historic center of Athens.

VS Group: A Globally Acclaimed Culinary & Entertainment Powerhouse

The VS Group has consistently received international recognition from major international publications, such as "The Time", "Independent" and "Wall Street Journal", as one of the best dining and entertainment groups in Southern Europe.


Moreover, its renovated restaurants are the favorite dining choices of at least three American Presidents, global leaders and VIP members of the international jet set.

Exquisite Dining & Elite Event Management: Hosting Global Icons

Our restaurants aim to appeal to sophisticated guests and effectively manage events for high- profiled individuals and corporations. We have successfully hosted some of the most prominent personalities of the global community such as Aristotle Onassis, former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and numerous other noteworthy guests.

Exceeding Expectations: Unmatched Entertainment & Dining Excellence

Our customer focused approach is intertwined with our attention to detail and providing the ultimate quality entertainment experience to our select clients. The Stathokostopoulos family's dynamic presence, expertise and dedication, has placed us at the forefront of the entertainment and dining industry for the past 30 years.

Leading Employer: Fostering Professional Growth in Our Industry

The ability to successfully employ over 1,000 qualified professionals in this sector has made us one of the best employers in the job market, particularly for those seeking employment and opportunities for professional growth within this industry.

our most famous venues


Aristotle Onassis' favorite restaurant with sea views, is considered as one of the most esteemed VIP seaside restaurants in the Mediterranean and has been repeatedly received recognition from select members of the international Jet Set community.


One of the best restaurants with breathtaking views of the iconic Acropolis, a noteworthy restaurant not only for our company but also on a global level with a high-quality service that sets the benchmark.


The favorite restaurant of at least two American Presidents and their families, is located in the historic Plaka, provides its guests with the unique experience of traditional Greek cuisine while they enjoy the picturesque view of the magnificent Acropolis.


Holding a leading presence in the Athenian entertainment scene, this restaurant club is located in the most highly privileged spot of the Athenian Riviera and offers a unique experience to those who visit it.